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A comprehensive learning hub for passive income seekers wanting to learn how to sell options. It's an online, video and written-based, study at your own pace course.

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Can you imagine the satisfaction of consistently generating an additional monthly income stream from learning how to sell stock options?

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>> You’ve heard of selling options, covered calls, cash-secured puts, the Options Wheel Strategy, but you don’t know where to start? 

>> Are you frustrated with other people making passive income from selling options and feel you could learn this skill as well? 

>> Do you dream of making an extra side income, or better yet, leaving your 9-5 to trade options full time? 

>> Would you like to learn how to grow your hard-earned investment portfolio by 12-24% each year or more?

And if you’re already an experienced trader – and before you bounce from this page – I want to stress that this course is not a fluff piece or the same generic options training drivel you read all over the internet or hear about in YouTube videos or even get “training” from your online broker.

Retail Investors Face A Tough Challenge

🚧 The vast majority of non-savvy retail investors face significant challenges in the stock market, putting them at a huge disadvantage. Wall Street operates, primarily, to serve large institutions rather than individual investors. Consider that:

🚧 Most actively managed funds fail to match broader market returns annually. 

🚧 Fund managers are paid based on assets under management, not performance.

🚧 Index funds provide diversification but include poor performers. They guarantee you mediocre results.

As Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys said: “Beware the lollipop of mediocrity; lick it once and you’ll suck forever.”

So if we reject index mediocrity—then two suboptimal choices remain:

1/ True long-term investing requires decades to build wealth. 

2/ You could try to become a stock trader to accelerate results but risk blowing up your account in the process. I spent several years trading breakouts before finally discovering selling options as a superior method of beating Mr Market. 

The core dilemma is that conventional approaches peddled to us over decades either take too long or carry too much risk.

A Powerful Blend: Dividend-Growth Investing with Selling Options

My mentor preached this strategy.

He used to say, what if you combined the best aspects of long-term dividend growth investing and short-term conservative options selling using the Options Wheel Strategy?

The outcome changed my financial life. This blended approach means you can:

  • Spin-off a lifetime of dividend-like monthly cash flow.
  • Acquire quality stocks at steep discounts.
  • Generate a double-digit income yield from low-risk boring blue-chip dividend-paying companies.
  • Increase dividend income and growth.
  • Consistently profit by acting as the "house" in a casino.

In essence, selling options lets you take calculated risks, we pick and choose the stakes, we’re never in a hurry, and we always have an edge. Mr Market doesn’t stand a chance. 

Today I am a full-time options investor and trade the options wheel strategy as my day job. I say full time but in reality, it doesn’t take much time at all once you understand the basic principles and develop your own trading plan and style.

💰 I made over £7k in July, 2023 (here's all my trades)

STOP = Sell to Open Put STOC = Sell to open Call BTC = Bought to Close DVD = Dividend Rolled = Rolled a call or put position Assigned = a put/call was assigned

I am not saying this to brag, just to prove that the strategy works.

>> And I’ve gone on to make on average £5k every month in 2023! 

>> Whilst some stocks have moved sideways for months I have still been able to collect decent premiums from writing puts and covered calls. 

>> My target monthly returns are between 1-2% every month, but sometimes I exceed this number by closing positions in an abbreviated time frame and I show you exactly how to do this in the course. 

Successful people are trying to compress time and go faster.

🚨 You DON’T need another mediocre course, heavy on lecture and light on practice.​

You need an Options Selling guide that:

>> teaches you WHAT to do and WHEN to do it, and WHY you are doing it, so you’re not wasting time on the wrong stuff. 

>> quickly SHOWS you how to use a strategy so you can begin making money immediately after the course is complete

>> keeps you up to date on future strategies, methods, and stocks to consider selling options on via my newsletter (you get access to this after joining the course). 

Meet Your Navigator 🚘

and I’m OBSESSED with options trading!

My wife and friends have imposed a ban on me talking about it

But, nothing could stop me from quitting my consulting job to pursue it full-time!

Turning my trading into a full time job makes me so happy, and I want the same for you!

That’s why I don’t hold back any tips or strategies. It’s why I share EVERYTHING I do and why I do it, so you can do the same! 

You May Be Thinking...

“Yeah, ok, Kevin.

I’ve seen plenty of Options courses.  Why would this be any different?”

Great question. 

I’ve achieved success WAY faster than most options sellers. Not because I’m super special – but because I was mentored by someone with 25 years of experience. Now I have taken all of these learnings, along with some of my own, and compressed them into this course.


With micro-lessons (under 15 mins), actionable steps, multiple methods for different learning styles, AND the most comprehensive and actionable Options Selling course there is…

You’ll be joining me in making passive income in no time!

That is why the Options Selling Roadmap is the ultimate bucket list skill to pick up for anyone who wants to earn money for life and be able to do it from anywhere. 

Introducing: The Options Selling
Roadmap 🗺️

Here's What You Get With The Options Selling Roadmap:

 Beginner to advanced guides on every topic that moves the needle and allows you to start making money. 

 Strategies for understanding and utilising options that aren’t taught ANYWHERE else. No generic fluff or the same generic options training drivel you read all over the internet. 

 Actionable strategies to scale your portfolio and passive income, and when to do each step.

All This (And More!) Is Yours With The Options Selling Roadmap:

Short videos so you can absorb the content in a digestible way

 Actionable steps that you can implement straight away and get rapid results 

A copy of my Options Campaign Manager spreadsheet so you can record your trades, manage your P&L, and review your average cost prices and % annualized returns. 

Lifetime access to a growing video library so that you don’t have to purchase another options selling course ever again

 Continuously updated content so you can be confident that you’re staying ahead of the latest and greatest strategies.

The Options Selling Roadmap is scheduled for incremental pricing increases as the course grows.

If now isn’t a good fit – that’s OK!

The Options Selling Roadmap will be here when you’re ready.


The current price is the BEST price offered and will only go up to meet demand.

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➡️ Any problems then just get in touch kevin@dividendonfire.com

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Options Selling Roadmap Covers:

Lesson #1
Lesson #2
Guide To Cash-Secured Puts
Lesson #3
Guide To Covered Calls
Lesson #4
Options Chains, Pricing and Liquidity
Lesson #5
Position Sizing & Money Management
Lesson #6
Weekly Vs Monthly Options
Lesson #7
The UK Vs the US Market
Lesson #8
A Guide to Adjusted Cost Basis Using Options
Lesson #9
Technical Analysis: Best 3 Indicators For Options Sellers
Lesson #10
A Guide To Annualised Returns
Lesson #11
How To Manage In-The-Money Puts
Lesson #12
How To Manage Out-The-Money Puts
Lesson #13
How To Manage In-The-Money Covered Calls
Lesson #14
How To Manage Out-The-Money Covered Calls
Lesson #15
Choosing A Broker
Lesson #16
Tesla Live Trade Examples
Lesson #17
How To Record Your Trades
Information Library
Free spreadsheets, live trade recommendations, and more
VIP Report #1
Becoming a Nightmare Underwriter Selling Puts
VIP Report #2
How To Grab A Bargain Selling Options
VIP Report #3
Your Path Towards Options Trading Full-Time 
3 Option Quizzes To Test Your Knowledge

Options Selling Roadmap Course 🗺️

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